Ex Pats are often wealthy, successful international travelers who have found a beautiful new home in a far off land. To me they sound like wonderful clients that should be easy to place when it comes to them picking up some property back in their homeland. Buy to let for ex pats however is not as simple as it might seem.
Lenders are concerned about lending on buy to lets for overseas citizens generally and in recent times have extended these restrictions to include British citizens who have moved abroad and wish to retain a property to let at home. The good news is there are still options if you look hard enough.

Ex Pats on the Beach

Enjoy the Sun and Your Investment Property in the UK

What Limitations Will Ex Pat Landlords Face?

There are three main players available to the specialist buy to let broker for these cases. They do place some significant restrictions on the types of applicant they will accept. If you fall into one of these categories you may be able to buy property in the UK even though you have now moved out of the country.

1. Working for a MultiNational Company

Landlords who are living and working abroad as a result of taking a job with a MultiNational firm will benefit from being able to borrow for investment property in the UK with relative ease. Usually at least 2 and sometimes up to 4 lenders with prime products will be available to choose from.

2. Looking to purchase one property to let as a ‘base’ back home in the UK

Lenders understand that staying on the property ladder in the UK is important to Ex Pats who have moved abroad temporarily (looking to return in the next 2-10 years). As a result of this a numbe rof lenders will consider your purchase of a property to let in the UK to enable you to return easily if you only have one property.

3. Best Rates for Ex Pat Buy to Let at Low Loan To Value

If you have at least 40% deposit to put down (or equity in your existing buy to let) then excellent rates will be available and much more flexibility. Your choice of lender however will still be relatively small.


So as you can see all is not lost should you choose to move abroad. You can still buy a property and let it out in the UK. On top of that if your circumstances are right you can even invest in several properties as an ex-pat and reap the rewards of a sensible and solid strategy. Why not call our dedicated freephone number now and talk to an adviser about your options (calls from abroad may cost more – consider using our online enquiry form instead).

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