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Buy to let mortgage rate calculator

Using our calculator gives you an idea of the costs you will have to recoup from your property in order to cover the repayments. Without calculating your rates beforehand, you run the risk of setting rent at a level that is actually lower than your monthly repayments. Instead of making any profit, you would be losing money. Using our buy to let mortgage calculator quickly gives you an idea of the amount of money you need to be charging your tenants each month in order to cover the mortgage repayments, and how much you will need to charge in order to start making a profit as a landlord.

Buy to let mortgage calculator UK

If you are planning on purchasing property in the UK, our calculator can show you how much you might need to borrow, and what the repayments might be. Our buy to let mortgage calculator quickly gives you an overview of the costs involved, so you can see in seconds what your repayments would be. Do not forget that there may be other charges involved, such as credit history checks, which might drive the overall cost up. You will want to set your rent high enough to insure you recover these costs as well.

Buy to Let Calculator

Here is our simple buy to let mortgage calculator. You only need to complete one of the fields but you can complete all three if you have the information and we’ll calculate what you could borrow and how much it would cost on interest only. Naturally it is just to provide a rough indication and one of our advisers would be delighted to produce a formal quotation based on your buy to let mortgage requirements.

A mortgage is a great way of getting onto the rental property ladder, as it allows you to put forward the large investment without having to have the capital yourself, an investment which can be repaid over time while you make money from the property. Not calculating the true cost of your investment, and the return you will get upon it, can get you into a tough financial position that sees you losing money rather than making it.

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