If Lendinvest wanted attention, they certainly got it with the recent news headlines that swung from one newsreel to another. Possibly the one that seems to catch the most amount of attention, is the
£500 million London listing expected by the banks this year. While Lendinvest has appointed advisors to assist with the listing, and it’s set to give the property market a substantial boost. For property investors, the news comes at a time where finance is sorely needed to boost a flailing property market.

Partnering With Lazard

Whether it’s acquiring an asset or considering a merger, Lazard is known to be at the forefront of advice to corporates. For Lendinvest, the key structural changes that also include new faces in the boardroom, will have an enormous impact on the lending company. roping in the assistance of Lazard, one of the biggest players in the field, this transition period should happen at a steady pace. For Lendinvest, differentiating themselves as a peer-to-peer lender with a difference is top of mind, as the funding is sourced from high net worth individuals and corporates. For the UK property market, any lifeline to stimulate the market is a welcome one, especially considering that Brexit is looming overhead.

New Partnership With TBMC

Part of the strategic shuffling that took place, was the partnership with TBMC. This partnership is a critical component in ensuring that Lendinvest strengthens its position in the buy-to-let market, which is still a good source of investment for those who wish to increase their asset portfolio. For Lendinvest, this allows them to increase their footprint in the market as TBMC have agreed to extend their full BTL range to its customers. This means that the five-year fixed rate products will be on offer, too. This move from both companies is in a bid to create some healthy competition in the market. Due to the nature of their client base, this move is particularly welcome to those who need a more complex approach to their mortgage solution. These include HMOs, limited companies, and more.

Banks Will Play Their Part

From sparring partners to a critical component in the success of the float, banks are still very much a part of Lendinvest’s strategy. While banks lose some of their top talent to fintechs thanks to the years of exposure on the corporate side of things, both still work together to provide customers with solutions. For companies such as Lendinvest, the challenge is to get these employees to stop thinking within the rigidity of the banking mindset and instead, think of how things can be done better. Now, the banks will play a critical part in the IPO.

Lendinvest is in the ideal position of being able to choose whether continuing with the IPO is in their best interest or not, instead of being forced into this decision. The next few months will undoubtedly be both interesting and exciting for those in the industry.

Author: Sandy Kenrick

Sandy Kenrick swapped a fast-paced career as business banker for the insurance industry. Long hours and a new family quickly led her to look beyond the world of finance. As a work from home mom, Sandy now gets to do what she loves. Much of her work still involves finance and business, but when that mid-afternoon sun swings around it’s time to switch off the laptop, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy her growing family.