When it comes to downsizing your portfolio, it’s important that you obtain the maximum sale price as that’s a key factor in your long term success as a landlord. Particularly as we start to see rate rises in the US, a warning sign that the rental yield vs mortgage rate gap could be set to narrow over the coming years.

Across the country, different factors are seen as important by purchasers, and another recurring trend not covered in the report is also evident where energy saving and efficiency are becoming increasingly important so where possible improving insulation, ensuring fittings are suitable for energy saving bulbs and LED lighting, and heating systems are up to date are going to be extremely useful. Even when looking to rent your property out, the presence of these energy saving features will often tilt the battle in your favour when you’re up against a similarly priced, but less efficient home, as tenants will see the long-term savings they will get as a result of renting your property.

3 Tips to Get More Value When Selling Your Home

Source: https://www.ledlights.co.uk/wired/tips-to-get-more-value-when-selling-your-home/

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