Seaside for great Buy to Let returns

Seaside for great Buy to Let returns

We source competitive whole of market buy to rent mortgages for applicants looking to buy a property to let or rent out. With Britain experiencing a period of record low interest rates and many people looking for good investment opportunities many consider the property market. Buying a property to rent can offer a higher yield than many other investment classes such as the stock market but also thrives at times when interest rates are low as this allows landlords to make a higher profit. Our expert buy to rent mortgage advisers will take the time to answer your questions, fully understand your investment plans whether you are looking to build or refinance a large portfolio or simply buy your first rental property. They have access to the whole market of buy to rent mortgage providers and will help you choose the best rate. There’s no obligation so fill in our short form below

Buy To Rent Mortgage Rates

Buy to rent mortgages are available in a range of rates and products including the usual fixed and tracker rates as well as some that offer cashback to help with the purchase or refurbishment of the property. It’s important to look at all aspects of the buy to rent mortgage rate you choose as simply picking a product from a best buy table may end up costing you more. Many additional factors need to be taken into account as all lenders have different rules on minimum income, whether they will accept first time landlords or indeed even the way they calculate what level of rent will be required.

Buy To Rent Guide

There are many books on the marketplace available for first time landlords. Do check out our bookstore for some great offers courtesy of ProBuyToLet and Amazon. Our advisers will also guide you through each step of your buy to rent mortgage transaction ensuring you understand fully the requirements of the lender and operating profitably as a buy to rent landlord.

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