Bridging Finance for Buy to Let

We source competitive whole of market buy to let bridging finance. Our experts understand the complete range of requirements for buying a property quickly, using short term finance where a regular buy to let mortgage is impossible. As a property investor you understand that a property needing some work or purchased at auction where you need to borrow based on the full value not the discounted price can prove excellent value. You need a broker and lender that understand that too, and that’s why we can help with:

Buy To Let Bridging Finance

Buy To Let Bridging Finance

Our Experts Can Source Bridging Finance For:

  • Buying property at auction
  • Need to use full value – because you bought at a discount
  • Complete FAST!
  • Property Needs Repair
  • Semi-commercial
  • Lease extension or title issues to resolve
  • Another lender has backed out and you want to complete fast – bridging can provide the breathing space you need.
  • Commercial and owner occupied properties available
  • Bridging even available at higher loan to values such as 80%!

[note class=”accept”]No matter what unique short term buy to let bridging requirements you have our expert team of bridging loan brokers will find the best deal from the whole market. There’s nothing to lose – your quote and initial advice are all no-obligation and your adviser is fully qualified to answer all your questions. Why not complete the form below now and find out more.[/note]

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Buy To Let Bridging To Buy At Auction

One of the most common reasons to need bridging finance is to purchase a property at auction. You need to complete quickly, often within just 28 days. Many regular lenders can take up to two months to approve a case and complete. On top of that you often are buying a bargain property that needs considerable work – this property might not be fit to let immediately but will offer huge returns after it is renovated. A buy to let property investment bridging loan will allow you to do the renovation first then secure long term buy to let mortgage funding later once the property is ready for tenants. Many times too you will be buying the property at way below normal market value because of the distressed sale conditions that have led the property to be auctioned. A bridging lender will base their lending on the full open market value of your property not the lower price you achieved with your skill at the auction.

Commercial And Semi-Commercial Properties

Sometimes it takes some work to get a new bed and breakfast off the ground. That first year of building work and preparing the rooms in an old run down Blackpool B&B will be well worth it when the profits start rolling in. Of course until you have books and results you won’t get a good high street commercial loan. A bridging loan can get you in the door and the keys in your pocket so you can start work and get the customers rolling in. Long term finance will follow if you make a success of your venture.

Repairs, Renovations and Title Issues

Quite often the best bargains come with their issues. It’s your expertise at putting these right and bringing your property to the buy to let market that is going to make your profit after all. Whether it needs repairs and renovations or will need a lease extension before a regular buy to let mortgage lender is interested our expert bridging mortgage team will assist you in acquiring the property.