Buy To Let Remortgage

With our expert help, we make it easy to find the finance you need to increase your property portfolio. Aside from the most obvious financial benefits of having more than one property, an increased portfolio works to decrease your risk, as you have several different revenue streams that can compensate for each other should the market fall or something happen to one of the properties. A buy to let remortgage can release more equity from your existing rental property, or your personal home, in order for you to expand your portfolio. We source buy to let deals from the whole market, finding you great options on a buy to let remortgage.

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Buy to let remortgage advice

There are many things that you need to take into consideration when thinking about re-mortgaging your rental property or properties. It makes sense to get specialist buy to let remortgage advice, as you can find out all the positives and negatives of your decision, as well as working out your new financial position. By getting advice, you can be sure that the options you are taking really are the most efficient way of increasing your rental portfolio.

Buy to let remortgage comparison

Before you make any decisions, it is a good idea to do a buy to let remortgage comparison. You need to make sure that the option you have chosen is the best one for your situation. Making a comparison allows you to choose the best mortgage options for you, and allows you to calculate the level of rent you would need to charge. Most landlords aim to recover 125% of the mortgage repayments each month, so a comparison will help you to work out whether or not your remortgaging option is viable.