Buy To Let Deposit

If you are thinking of moving into the rental market, a buy to let mortgage is one of the most beneficial ways of doing so. We can find you the best deals from the market, so you can get a mortgage with the buy to let deposit that suits your requirements. A mortgage allows you to raise the capital needed to buy a property for rental purposes quickly, without having to put forward all of your own money. The buy to let deposit is one of the most important factors to consider.

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Buy to let deposit needed

Although the market changes, and different providers will have different rates, the minimum amount for a buy to let deposit needed is around 15-20%. The level of deposit you will have to provide will depend upon the type of mortgage you are getting. There are a few lenders who will provide mortgages of up to 80% of the value of your rental property, and these are likely to charge higher deposits. It is important to compare provides and buy to let mortgages before you agree to one, as there may be other providers offering higher equity rates, lower interest rates, or smaller deposits.

Buy to let deposit mortgage

When considering a buy to let deposit mortgage, the amount you put down will affect several things. If you put down the smallest deposit possible, it will increase the amount of finance you raise, allowing you to do more, such as buy more properties or more expensive properties for rental purposes. Providing a larger deposit than the minimum required will often decrease the rate of interest you would have to pay, providing you more flexibility in the long run if market rates drive the amount of rent you can charge down.